How to transfer a series of Word files to pdf files?

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It's annoying to open Word file one by one and save as pdf files manually. How to realize word2pdf function by matlab scripts?

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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng on 6 Sep 2021
Edited: Yongjian Feng on 6 Sep 2021
matlab doesn't have word2pdf function. Implement your own word2pdf function like below following this link, then you can just
files = dir('*.docx');
for i=1:length(files)
file = files(i);
It will convert all the word docs in the current folder into pdfs.
Your word2pdf could be a script like this:
function word2pdf(infile)
wrd = actxserver('word.application');
wrdDoc = wrd.Documents;
wrdFile = wrdDoc.Open(infile);
[fPath, fName, fExt] = fileparts(infile);
outfile = fullfile(fPath, [fName '.pdf']);


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