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Error when exporting trained deep neural network to onnx format

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Iam encoutring this error when trying to export a deep neural network to onnx
could you please help me resolve this issue
net = squeezenet
filename = 'squeezenet.onnx';
the error
Error using onnxmex
Opening file 'squeezenet.onnx' failed.
Error in nnet.internal.cnn.onnx.ModelProto/writeToFile (line 58)
onnxmex(int32(FuncName.EserializeToFile), ModelPtr, filename);
Error in nnet.internal.cnn.onnx.exportONNXNetwork (line 38)
writeToFile(modelProto, Filename);
Error in exportONNXNetwork (line 38)
nnet.internal.cnn.onnx.exportONNXNetwork(Network, filename, varargin{:});
Thanks in advance

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Sehairi K.
Sehairi K. el 6 de Oct. de 2021
just if someone has the same error. The solution is so simple you have to copy the mat file to working directory and make sure that this working directory is the active one in Matlab command.

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