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How can I save a string from a uicontrol edit box into a a part of my structure ?

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I working on a Programmatic GUI. I have an editbox wich allow the user to enter a string. What I want is to save it into the GUI and not only into the callback function. My edtibox and the file into I want to save the string are in a Structure.
S.f = figure('Position', [500,150,1000,700], ...
'name', 'GUI2');
S.eT_name = uicontrol( 'Style', 'edit', ...
'Position', [400,100,200,50], ...
'FontSize', 15, ...
'BackgroundColor', 'white');
S.s_name = [];
function [] = eT_name_callback(varargin)
S = varargin{3};
s_Name = get(varargin{1}, 'String');
S.s_name = s_Name;
But the problem is, he is saving it only local. The second way I've tryed it, was with set. But it didn't worked also. I think it was because of a format file ... How can I solve it. One other question. Are set and get only for uicontrol or can i use it also to set a string into a variable that I created ?
Thank you in advance

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Sara el 4 de Ag. de 2014
You have to put your string into the handles structure as
handles.s_Name = s_Name;
and then save it with:
guidata(hObject, handles); % put this at the end of the callback
You can then use your string anywhere else in your gui as handles.s_Name
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Adrien el 1 de Sept. de 2014
But is handle a special call ? I thought I can define what my handle is. So I'm giving to the function a handle called S. It's my structure array. But if I'm doing this it didn't worked :
S.f = figure('Position', [400,400,1000,400], ...
'Name', 'Store data');
S.eT_name = uicontrol( 'Style', 'edit', ...
'Position', [400,100,200,50], ...
'FontSize', 15, ...
'BackgroundColor', 'white');
S.pB_save = uicontrol( 'Style', 'pushbutton', ...
'String', 'Save', ...
'Position', [700,75,200,50], ...
'FontSize', 20, ...
'BackgroundColor', 'red');
set(S.pB_save, 'Callback', {@pB_save_callback, S});
set(S.eT_name, 'Callback', {@eT_name_callback, S});
function [] = eT_name_callback(hObject, eventdata, S)
s_Name = get(hObject, 'String');
S.s_name = s_Name;
guidata(hObject, S);
function [] = pB_save_callback(hObject, eventdata, S)

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