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Can the marker size be set by units of coordinates?

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Michael on 5 Aug 2014
Answered: Rick Rosson on 6 Aug 2014
I am trying to plot positions of spheres in 3-D space. Each sphere has the same radius and is defined by its center point. I am plotting using
but the size of the plotted circle for each sphere changes based on zoom level. Is there a way to set the marker size to a defined number? Like I'd want to say, "MarkerSize = 2 plotting units" so that no matter how zoomed in I am, the marker stays the same size relative to the coordinate system. Also, it has to be dynamic enough that I can rotate and zoom with the figure freely.
[I looked into the "rectangle()" command, but it only works in 2-D.]

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Christopher Berry
Christopher Berry on 5 Aug 2014
Markers are marking points, so they should not actually have any extent... What it sounds like you want is a small fixed sized surface at every point, correct?
I think it could be done by using sphere to draw small spheres at each and every point in [x,y,z], but that would be a lot of work for what seems like little gain.
What exactly are you trying to achieve with this?

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