Feeding index returned by find in another matrix

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Riccardo Tronconi
Riccardo Tronconi on 1 Oct 2021
Edited: dpb on 1 Oct 2021
Dear Guys, I have an array 3x3 a [3x2]
a=[NaN,NaN; NaN,2; 11,NaN];
Each column represent the index that I have to feed in a specific table to return a given row. The problem is: how to get rid of NaN values in a given column?
Unfortunately, it is important to know in which column the index is because each column of the array is linked to a specific table.
The index 11 in column 1 makes me select row 11 of table 1 while the same index in column 2 makes me select row 11 of table 2. Moreover since everything is parametric I cannot divide my 3x2 in two column arrays.
I need inside this recalling a procedure to neglect NaN values:
Otherwise, I have the error because array indices must be positive values.
Thanks to you all in advance!!:)

Accepted Answer

dpb on 1 Oct 2021
Edited: dpb on 1 Oct 2021
>> a=[NaN,NaN; NaN,2; 11,NaN];
>> a
a =
NaN 2.00
11.00 NaN
>> [r,c]=find(isfinite(a))
r =
c =
A sample use to find values in an auxiliary array B of size at least 11x2 --
V=arrayfun(@(i,j) B(i,j),r,c)
Salt to suit your specific addressing syntax.

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