How to display the output of a conditional sentence in MATLAB "GUI window" and not in "command window" after writing the conditional sentence in "script window"?

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sibasish dutta
sibasish dutta on 13 Aug 2014
Commented: sibasish dutta on 13 Aug 2014
grade = 80; % example
grade=80(for example) if grade > 95 printf('The grade is A'); elseif grade <= 95 & grade > 86 fprintf('The grade is B'); elseif grade <= 86 & grade > 76 fprintf('The grade is C'); elseif grade <= 76 & grade > 66 fprintf('The grade is D'); else fprintf('The grade is F');
Now the output of this above mentioned conditional sentence is "The grade is c". Now the main problem is the output "The grade is c" is displayed in the command window. How can I make the output of this conditional sentence to be displayed in GUI window?

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