Obtain two different types of plots in same figure

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I have one surface plot(3D) and one 2D plot. How can I obtain them on the same figure ?
Consider we have surface plot of peaks and 2D plot of sin. Can we obtain a figure containing both of them one below the other like subplot of 2 line plots ?

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Andrew Reibold
Andrew Reibold on 19 Aug 2014
Edited: Andrew Reibold on 19 Aug 2014
You can use subplots like normal (yay!) I just tried it with a surface plot on the left and a line plot on the right. Here is an example below with a picture of the figure I got too.
(Both of those show up on the same figure)
%Some things to plot
a = [1:3];
b = [1:3];
c = [1 2 3;3 4 3; 3 2 1];
t = 1:.01:10;
y = sin(t);
%Plotting in one figure window
KRUNAL on 21 Aug 2014
Yes, I know and I did that way only :)
Anyways thank you for your concern and making me as well others who are following this question to see the correction required.
Actually I have one scatter plot and one bar plot (a timeline) as the two plots. I was trying to find out if I could make the scatter plot transparent and keep the bar one opaque.I know it sounds weird to convert a plot like scatter to become transparent but that's something one of my necessity for one of my project.
If you know if it is possible or not please suggest me how to do it or suggest me person who can guide me on this. I would be highly glad.

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KRUNAL on 21 Aug 2014
If I have an image like this
Is it possible that only the top most or lower most of them has color or non-transparent and rest all have no color?


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