imfinfo unable to open a file

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Pavlov on 26 Aug 2014
Commented: David Young on 15 Aug 2017
My goal is ultimately to get time stamps for a large number of JPEG images so that I know the time that each frame of video data was collected.
info = imfinfo([video_dir],'jpg');
Which gives the error, "Unable to open file ..." (imfinfo line 163).
I've used this function successfully to extract information about tiff images on the same data, but I don't see why this isn't working for JPEG images.

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dpb on 26 Aug 2014
info = imfinfo([video_dir],'jpg');
Because you didn't give imfinfo a legitimate file's simply looking for a filename that is just a directory name with '.jpg' appended.
There's no indication in the doc's that imfinfo can work on multiple files at a time via wildcard expansion, use dir for that and the process the resulting structure.

Ben11 on 26 Aug 2014
It looks like you try to open a directory instead of an image. I tried your syntax and got the same error.
What if you try something like this:
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David Young
David Young on 15 Aug 2017
Better to use fullfile than strcat.

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