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Morphological operation result is not displayed after applying Laplacian of Gaussian on the image.

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Hello ! i have to apply morphoogical operation on the biomedical image...when i apply Laplcain of gaussian before the morphological operation then result is just a black image......what is the problem in this code.
img_BlueRation=imread('imgage');% img_BlueRation is the input image
Gauss_filter = fspecial('gaussian',[13,13],4.0);
img_Gauss = imfilter(img_BlueRation,Gauss_filter,'symmetric', 'conv');
Laplac_filter = fspecial('laplacian');
img_LOG = imfilter(img_Gauss,Laplac_filter,'symmetric', 'conv');

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 2 de Sept. de 2014
It worked for me when I used cameraman.tif. Try casting to double right after you read it in:
img_BlueRation = double(img_BlueRation);
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Tahir el 2 de Sept. de 2014
for camerman will work...but for my image it will not...because my image is medical image having fine details.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 2 de Sept. de 2014
Maybe everything got filtered away. Post your image if you want me to try it.

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