How to plot figure for multiple values

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israa on 9 Sep 2014
Answered: israa on 10 Sep 2014
Hi all
I have 15 numbers.mat files , I calculate the max ,mean and min for each one.
My question is how to plot the max,mean and min as the figure below?
israa on 9 Sep 2014
i dont need any numbers i have a specific values..anyway thanks for you

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israa on 10 Sep 2014
My friend solved it for me.. Assume that the 15 (number.mat files) are all in the MATLAB path and all have the same length (for example 100 values in each number.mat)
number_v(1:100,15)=zeros; %create vector with all number.mat files
for i=1:15 %loop for import data from current MATLAB path
min_v=min(number_v); % min vector
max_v=max(number_v); % max vector
mean_v=mean(number_v); % mean vector
plot(min_v,'r --o','LineWidth',2) % plotting with properties
hold on % keep holding the same figure
plot(max_v,'k --*','LineWidth',2)
hold off
So thanks for him ^_^

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Andrew Reibold
Andrew Reibold on 9 Sep 2014
When a figure is open, use
hold on
before plotting to keep putting more plots on the same figure

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