Load files to ngsbrowser from command line

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Micah on 9 Sep 2011
I am looking for a way to load files (both reference fasta and sam) into the ngsbrowser from the command line - ie without clicking file load or file add data. Does anyone know of a solution? Or does anyone know how to code mouse clicks/keystrokes so that a script (I am writing a GUI using GUIDE) could 'do' the clicking for the user?

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Lucio Cetto
Lucio Cetto on 18 Oct 2011
This is undocummented, unfortunately it is only possible for short read data:
bm1 = BioMap('mysamfile.sam')
bm2 = BioMap('mybamfile.bam')
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Micah on 18 Oct 2011
Thanks so much. Luckily I only have short read data.

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