How to plot x and y error bars together with the data points?

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Hello! I am new to MATLAB and I am kinda stuck on a simple problem.
Let's suppose I have the data points x=[x1,x2,...,xn], y=[y1,y2,...,yn] and the uncertainties coresponding to these values error_x=[xe1,xe2,...,xen], error_y=[ye1,ye2,...,yen]. How could I plot the data together with the error bars?
This is an example how the data points would like:

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Scott MacKenzie
Scott MacKenzie on 17 Oct 2021
Edited: Scott MacKenzie on 17 Oct 2021
Something like this seems to work:
% test data
x = randi([2 8],1,5);
y = randi([2 8],1,5);
error_x = rand(1,5);
error_y = rand(1,5);
scatter(x,y, 'd', 'filled');
set(gca, 'xlim', [0 10], 'ylim', [0 10]);
hold on;
errorbar(x, y, error_x, error_x, 'linestyle', 'none', 'color', 'k', 'linewidth', .8);
errorbar(x, y, error_y, error_y, 'horizontal', 'linestyle', 'none', 'color', 'k', 'linewidth', .8);

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