Beam deflection in Simulink

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Darkhan Otegen
Darkhan Otegen el 23 de Oct. de 2021
Respondida: Pavan Guntha el 17 de Nov. de 2021
Good day all,
I am having a trouble and need an advice in modeling beam deflection in Simulink. Maybe I am too bad in searching but I couldn't find any relevant source with a good examples about beam deflection modeling. I saw some models on SimScape, but as I don't have any skills on that software I want to ask about Simulink. Is there any source that can be helpful for me as a quickstarter in modeling cantilever beam, or can you suggest some overall things that I need to learn and practice? As I mentioned I am quickstarter in Simulink, so I may not have enough skills, but I am ready to learn, just I don't know from where to start and how I must proceed in modeling this deflection. Thanks

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Pavan Guntha
Pavan Guntha el 17 de Nov. de 2021
Hello Darkhan,
For simulating cantilever beam in Simulink, you could implement the equations for deflection, stress distribution etc., within a Simulink model. The following resources might help in understanding the parameters for beam analysis and implementation in Simulink:
  1. Modeling Flexible Bodies in SimMechanics and Simulink - Provides insights on parameters to perform beam analysis.
  2. Cantilever Beam Deflection & Stress Analysis in MATLAB - Tutorial to analyze the deflection and stress distribution of a cantilever beam in MATLAB which can give insights to implement it in Simulink. (NOTE: This is an External Source & is not part of MathWorks Documentation).
You could leverage Simulink Onramp and Simscape Onramp courses to understand the basics of the respective products.
Hope this helps!


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