Connection of Inductance between the inverter output and Input PMSM in MATLAB/Simulink

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Hello All,
There is the errors once the connection of the inductance between the inverter output and PMSM input. It says that The first block, modeled as a current source, cannot be connected in series with the inductive element of the second block.
Please let me know how I can solve it.
Thank you.

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Sabin el 17 de Nov. de 2023
It is not possible to connect 2 current sources in series. In specialized power systems inductive elements are modeled as current sources. To workaround this you can use a wye connected resistor between the output terminals of the motor and the ground. The resistance value should be big enbough to ensure there is not much power drawn by the resistor, a good value would be around 1e6. As an alternative solution you can use blocks implemented in Simscape technology to model this. I hope this helps.


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