Collecting multiple .json objects in one .json file?

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Claudio Esposito
Claudio Esposito on 1 Nov 2021
Edited: Prince Kumar on 19 Nov 2021
Hello everyone, I'm developing a deep learning Mask R-CNN training.
I have labeled images through imageLabeler and I got the annotations as gTruth file. Then I have converted these files in .json objects using the following code :
Now, the problem is I have to collect these .json files in one .json file.
How can I do that?
Many thanks for your attention and your kind help.

Answers (1)

Prince Kumar
Prince Kumar on 17 Nov 2021
Edited: Prince Kumar on 19 Nov 2021
You can open the json files and append them one after another. Following is how you can achieve it.
st1 = fileread('data/label_data_1.json');
st2 = fileread('data/label_data_2.json');
[fid,msg] = fopen('combined.json','wt');
Here 'combined.json' will be your desired json file.
To perform the above operation on Linux system without MATLAB, you may run the following commands in terminal
touch combined.json
cat data/label_data_1.json >> combined.json
cat data/label_data_2.json >> combined.json

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