How do i use and -s flag for compiling a MATLAB app

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I want to compile a Matlab app, and I'd like to keep some of the functions written for the code unreadable.
I read that I can use a "-s" flag to obfuscate the code, but didn't manage to use it properly. How can I do it?

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Navya Singam
Navya Singam on 8 Nov 2021
For obfuscating the code, you can use the "pcode" function in MATLAB. It converts the .m file to P-file, which is content-obscured and execute-only form of MATLAB code.
Syntax for creating P-file
pcode(item) %% creates a item.p P-file for the item.m file
Refer to pcode documentation for more information on how to use "pcode" function.

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 8 Nov 2021
You can add the -s option to the mcc command line.
If you are using applicationCompiler then click on the Settings button, and in the section that comes up marked "Additional parameters passed to mcc:" type in
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Noam Ouzana
Noam Ouzana on 8 Nov 2021
Thank you for your answer! But it doesn't seem to recognize this specific flag for some reason. I am using Matlab R2021b.
Also, I want to package a Matlab app, (maybe the term 'compile' wasn't the right one), and there doesn't seem to be a way to prompt mcc commands while packaging.

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