Single-Phase Asynchronous Machine Block inside a Three-phase system (Simulink)

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Hello everyone!
Is there any possibility to couple the referred block (single-phase) to a three-phase system? I'm trying to, but just facing convergence error, like infinite current on the phase that the machine is inserted.
I have a step down transform block on Simulink (10 kV/0.22 kV, D/Yg) in series with a three-phase breaker, followed by a Single-Phase Asynchronous Machine. The input M+ is wired to the phase and the input M to the ground of my system. I tried to put a high resistence in series with the block, but when the breaker closes, the current of the phase grows indefinitely. All the blocks were obtained from the Specialized Power System (Simscape). Any suggestion to simulate this scenario will be welcome.
Thank you all in advance!

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 15 Nov 2021
Hello Gustavo,
it sounds like the way you are tyring to do things could work, but that the model just isn't seeming accurate. I would first start with a single phase system and get that working as expected (you can put a single phase AC source through a single phase transformer) and focus on that. Once that is working, you can slowly build on the pieces of the larger system and see where things stop working. If you put a large resistance in series with the block, it doesn't make sense that it's current would grow indefinitely unless the simulaiton was diverging (which is possible, especially if you are using a fixed time step). It's more likely you need a large resistance in parallel with the machine, and it and the transformer need to have realistic inducances. Also, when youare having problems like this, it is helpful to put screenshots or share the files that you are working with.

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