Repeating triangular block in Simulink

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chess on 15 Oct 2014
Commented: chess on 15 Oct 2014
Hi I would like to create 10 triangular wave form that goes up for 0.001s with slope 1000 and then goes down for 0.001s with slope -1000?. I know how to create one of them but how can I repeat it for 10 times To create one of them I did following the division is only for normaliation and it is not important but I ant to repeat my waveform 10 times how to do that?

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Mischa Kim
Mischa Kim on 15 Oct 2014
Chess, how about using the Signal Builder block?
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chess on 15 Oct 2014
How can I work with that it seems to me it should always start from 0 I want my signal starts from 1 for duration of 0.001 slope of 1000 and then go down with duration 0.001 slope -1000 for 10 period. Can you show how you will do it with signal builder?

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