dde23 use in MATLAB coder for MEX files

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I have function code that calls the dde23 function but I am trying to convert the function into an MEX file using MATLAB Coder.
I get an error that the dde functions are not supported by MATLAB Coder. Does anyone know a work around for this?

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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 24 Nov 2021
Unfortunately the dde functions do not support code generation. I've made an internal note of your request so we can consider this for the future. One option is to declare dde23 as an extrinsic function using coder.extrinsic. That will allow you to use it in MEX by having the MEX call back into MATLAB to run it. If the desire is to accelerate your code and dde23 is a hot spot, then the coder.extrinsic strategy likely won't help.
function y = example(x)
y = preAssignOutput;
y = dde23(x,..);

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