Error for compiling Simscape network for model Astable.

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I have completed the circuit of an astable amplifier but when I try to simulate it I am getting the error and its showing like this:
Caused by: Argument 1 = {232.0901, 'K*V*c/(C*J)'}

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 29 Nov 2021
I wasn't able to figure out what was wrong by looking at it. It would seem a parameter was entered with the wrong unit type, but I'd expect a different error if that was the case. This type of circuit does work though. This example on file exchange has this type of circuit and works as a starting point.
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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 29 Nov 2021
Edited: Joel Van Sickel on 29 Nov 2021
actually, have you switched versions? the new unit for degrees celsius is degC. I see a c and a C in your units, and if one of them represents temperature, it should be converted. You could try running the upgrade advisor if this is the case. C is couloumb and I don't think c is a supported unit type. What version are you using? Are you trying to foce the data type out of the ps - s connectors? If so, set them as '1'.

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Léo Roux
Léo Roux on 23 Feb 2022
Hello, I had the exact same problem ( ►Caused by: Argument 1 = {232.0901, 'K*V*c/(C*J)'} ) that I managed to solve. As @Joel Van Sickel suggested, I think it is due to the switch of versions. It is linked to the transistors. Just remove them and replace them in your new version and it will be fine.

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