Translational Multibody Interface cannot solve velocity

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Hi everyone,
I try to combine a multibody model with a hydraulic model. For this I used the Translational Multibody Interface block between the Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder block and a prismatic Joint block with enabled velocity and force. But in this case the following error occurs:
An error occurred while running the simulation and the simulation was terminated
Caused by:
If the Translational Multibody Interface block and the Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder block were replaced by Hydraulic Actuator Multibody block, the model seems to do something whenever not the things I want it to do, because the cylinder moves even when the valve is closed and doesn't change its motion if the valve setting changes.
I would be very happy to receive helpful answers and thank you in advance!
An overwhelmed Simscape apprentice

Accepted Answer

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 20 Nov 2021
The diagnostic indicates you are missing a reference node
Check for missing reference node.
The block you are likely missing is shown below.
Benedikt Wanke
Benedikt Wanke on 25 Nov 2021
Thank you!
I checked all of your points but in the end it worked after reducing the mass acting on the cylinder.

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