extract a differential equation solution from struct

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hello, I need to find a solution of a non-linear differential equation, but the program always indicates that the solution is a structure and I need an explicit solution, the code is.
syms x(t) t
M = matlabFunction(V,'vars', {'t','Y'});
sol = ode45(M,[-10 100],[0 0])
sol =
struct with fields:
solver: 'ode45'
extdata: [1×1 struct]
x: [1×182 double]
y: [2×182 double]
stats: [1×1 struct]
idata: [1×1 struct]
what should I add or change?

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Navya Singam
Navya Singam el 29 de Nov. de 2021
You can use the "deval" function to evaluate differential equation solution structure. The "deval" function accepts the solution structure and the evaluation points (i.e Evaluation points specifies the points at which you want the value of the solution) as the input arguments. The output of the "deval" function would be the interpolated solution.
y = deval(sol,sol.x) %% to evaluate the solution structure at the sol.x points and 'y' would contain the interpolated solution
Refer to the deval function documentation for more information.

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