I want to write a function that calculate the voltage for three junctions A,B and C in the picture below if we know the voltage of V. (G=0V). Did anyone write it before?

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DGM on 29 Nov 2021
Edited: DGM on 29 Nov 2021
Express the currents entering and leaving those three nodes as functions of the node voltages V,Va,Vb,Vc. Expand and rearrange to form a simple linear system of equations. Solve.

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Milad Mehrnia
Milad Mehrnia on 30 Nov 2021
function ans = voltage(V,R)
E1 = [R(2)*R(7)+R(1)*R(2)+R(1)*R(7) -R(1)*R(2) 0]
E2 = [-R(3)*R(8)*R(4) R(4)*R(8)*R(7)+R(3)*R(8)*R(4)+R(3)*R(7)*R(4)+R(3)*R(7)*R(8) -R(3)*R(7)*R(4)];
E3 = [0 -R(5)*R(6) R(8)*R(6)+R(5)*R(6)+R(5)*R(8)];
E = [E1;E2;E3];
b = V.*[R(2)*R(7);R(4)*R(8)*R(7);R(8)*R(6)];
ans = E\b;
Benjamin Asakov
Benjamin Asakov on 30 Nov 2021
Thank you both guys. I really don’t know how to appreciate it.
Didn’t expect to have the answer less than a day. And not just one but three answers.
Really thank you

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