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trouble with switch case

Asked by Dimitrios on 24 Oct 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Dimitrios on 24 Oct 2014
I got a function which i would like to be something like this:
function output = calc(input)
switch input
case 'Static'
bla bla
case 'Dynamic'
bla bla
case 'Dynamic2'
bla bla
case 'Compined'
. . .
bla bla
Nothign special untill now.My problem is that in the case 'Compined' i would like to chouse again another case and after make the calculations.I tried to use cell array where the input would be for example {'Static'} or {'Dynamic'} or {'Dynamic2'} {'Compined','Static'} or {'Compined','Dynamic'} or {'Compined','Dynamic2'} and the code in line 2 would change to :
switch input(1)
and in the compined i to make another switch:
switch input(2)
for the second element of the cell.But cell cannot be used in switch.Any ideas how to impliment it?
Thanks in advance


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1 Answer

Answer by Robert Cumming on 24 Oct 2014
 Accepted Answer

use curcly brackets to switch on the cell item.
switch input{1}


Dimitrios on 24 Oct 2014
come oonn...was so clear.i need to rest a little :P
Dimitrios on 24 Oct 2014
your answer is correct for the error message but now thinking of that i have to write all the cases/code again in the last case.I was wondering if there something more elegant :P

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