How to change the name of variables inside a file.mat?

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I have a file called data.mat in which there are 2 variables called t and C (where C size is 18x6, while t size is 18x1; I want to change their name into texp and Cexp and then save the file.mat with the same name (but with the new name variables inside)
How can I do?

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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng on 1 Dec 2021
How about this?
t=100;C=80; % your data
save('data.mat', 't','C');
load('data.mat'); %load it first
texp=t; Cexp=C;
save('newdata.mat', 'texp', 'Cexp');
movefile('newdata.mat', 'data.mat'); % replace the old data.mat with the newdata.mat

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