Help creating xbar control chart

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Michael Boyle
Michael Boyle on 3 Dec 2021
Answered: Dave B on 4 Dec 2021
I have a column vector of data and I am trying to create an xbar control chart from it.
x = (0:1:50)';
y = controlchart(x,'charttype','xbar');
when I try to create the control chart I get the error:
Error using controlchart>getctypeinfo (line 452)
XBAR, S, and R charts required grouped data.
Error in controlchart (line 213)
[cctypes,distn] = getctypeinfo(charttype, grouped);
Error in ESE405_final_project (line 213)
y = controlchart(x,'charttype','xbar');
is there something special that needs to be done for an xbar control chart?

Answers (1)

Dave B
Dave B on 4 Dec 2021
You specified x as a vector, but controlchart doesn't accept x as a vector. controlchart is going to use means and limits, and it can't do this if x is a vector:
From the help:
controlchart(X) produces an xbar chart of the data in X. If X is a
matrix, its rows should be in time order and should contain replicate
observations taken at the same time. If X is a timeseries object,
the sample at each time should contain replicate observations. The
plot displays the means of each subgroup, or collection of replicate
observations, along with a center line (CL) and lower and upper control
limits (LCL and UCL) to determine if the process is in control. The
control limits are three-sigma limits, with sigma estimated from the
average of the subgroup standard deviations.


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