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Is it possible to disable plot/figure generation in an entire script?

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This is more of a trivial request, but it would be convenient for me if there was a setting I could change before running a script that simply squelches all figure and plot creation.
Does anyone know if this type of thing exists?
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gilles miet
gilles miet el 7 de Dic. de 2018
Hi, In case you know which display functions are called, simply overload them by defing new dummy functions with same name and varargin.
e.g. for plot function:
Create a plot.m in current directory or in any custom path directory as follows:
function plot(varargin)
disp('doing nothing');
Ignore matlab warnings telling you you overload a Matlab built-in function (you are doing it on purpose)
When plot is called you get:
>> x=randn(1,10);
>> plot(x)
doing nothing

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Doug Hull
Doug Hull el 27 de Oct. de 2014
A sneaky way of kind of sort of doing this is:
To undo this:
It means the new figures will be visible off. It kind of does what you are looking for, kind of.
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