Plot multiple tables from workspace using for loop

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I have multiple 1024x2 tables in my work space named x1-x30 , each table consists of a wavelength column and an emission column, I want to be able to produce a for loop that plots each table onto the same graph. Similar to this in c:
for(int i=1; i<=30;i++)
{plot(x(n).Wavelength, x(n).emission)}

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Dave B
Dave B on 4 Dec 2021
If you want to reference the tables as you describe, you'd need them in an array (in C, or in MATLAB):
hold on
x = {t1, t2, t3}; % cell array of tables
for i=1:numel(x)
plot(x{i}.Var1, x{i}.Var2)
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Claretconnor on 7 Dec 2021
Sorry im new to matlab so took me a while to understand but this works a treat! thank you so much!

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