Please help, i have the idea of what I'm wanting to find but do not know how to actually code this!

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I have a file but do not know how to call for the file in the code and get it to process what I am looking for which is a subplot of the EMG signal graphed over time and an amplitude spectrum of the EMG signal. The sampling frequency is 1000Hz of the graph/data.

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Dave B
Dave B on 4 Dec 2021
Edited: Dave B on 4 Dec 2021
How about something like this:
% You might consider readmatrix or readtable instead of load...
% But load works for such simple files.
fs = 1000; % 1000 elements of EMG is 1 second
t = linspace(0, numel(EMG)/fs, numel(EMG));
plot(t, EMG)
% --- you could stop here if you want --- %
xlabel('Time (s)')
title('My EMG Signal', 'Courtesy of MATLAB Answers')
set(gca, 'YGrid', 'on', 'TickDir', 'none', 'TitleHorizontalAlignment', 'left')


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