Bar graph grouped with two y axis

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Shu-An Hsieh
Shu-An Hsieh on 6 Dec 2021
Commented: Adam Danz on 10 Dec 2021
% clc
% clear all
x = categorical({'Filament'; 'Model'});
%y = [0.415047 0.11398; 0.41697 0.013588];
y = [0.415047; 0.41697];
z = [0.11398,0.013588];
bar (x,y,'grouped')
hold on
yyaxis right
%ylim([0.35, 0.45]);
ylabel('Weight (g)');
%err = [0.002542, 0.002192];
%errorbar(A, y, err, '- .', 'MarkerSize', 8)
yyaxis left
%ylim([0, 0.15]);
ylabel('Mass reduction (%)');
%err = [0.003711,0.001355];
%errorbar(A, z, err, '- .', 'MarkerSize', 8)
bar (x,z,'grouped')
hold on
Trying to get a bar graph that share same axis and have two y axis. Tried 'grouped' function but still come out as a stacked bar graph.
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 6 Dec 2021
I've formatted your code and produced the resultant figure using the Run feature. What would you like to change about this figure?

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Accepted Answer

Dave B
Dave B on 6 Dec 2021
Edited: Dave B on 6 Dec 2021
bar graphs don't collaborate between sides of a yyaxis very well, but you can fake it by padding with zeros:
x = categorical({'Filament'; 'Model'});
y = [0.415047; 0.41697];
z = [0.11398; 0.013588];
nil = [0; 0];
bar(x, [y nil], 'grouped')
ylabel('Mass reduction (%)');
yyaxis right
bar(x, [nil z], 'grouped')
ylabel('Weight (g)');
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 10 Dec 2021
Thanks for the reminder, Dave. I couldn't remember if I had used those newer properties or not but it looks like I did.

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