Grid search and grid plot with colours

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I would like to do a grid search by assining zeros to each grid point first. And then I would like to calculate required values for each grid point and finally I am required to plot the grid with relevant values. here my grid represent error values for each grid point. So I want to plot this grid using some colour scheme method.
Attached here is the type of graph I am looking for.
Could someone please help me with this?
Below is the code I wrote for this. However I am not sure how much of assigning zeros, for loop and then plotting is correct.
I tried to use plot and quiver fuctions but different length x and y axis appeared to be an error in that case. For now i used surf function, though i am not sure if that is correct. But it gives me a z axis too, which is not what i want.
Please let me know if someone could help me with this.
% Obserevd Z location km/Myr ## 176.7 W, 19.2 S, 64 mm/yr (km/Myr) velocity;
R=6371; %km
% evaluate error at each grid point
AClon =-177.5:0.01:-176.7;
AClat =-20.5:0.01:-19;
for i=[1:151]
for j=[1:81]
arclen = distance(Zlon,Zlat,AClon(j),AClat(i)); % arc distant between 1.Z location and 2.each grid point.
w =(Zobsw/(R*sin(theta*pi/180)))*180/pi; % deg/Myr
vl = plate_vel(Zlon,Zlat,AClon(j),AClat(i),w); % i found this plate-vel funtion online. please use any set of data as an example here.

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Voss on 19 Dec 2021
set(gca(),'View',[0 90]);

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