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what causes this display in .eps figure?

Asked by Dimitrios on 7 Nov 2014
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on 8 Nov 2014
I am plotting in Matlab the following figure in .eps format (the following figure was exported using export_fig from fileexchange) :
When i load the figure.eps in latex the figure in the text have the following display:
And my question is: Why legend box is printed? I use the folowing code to make the box color white but in latex is still black:
set(h_legend,'EdgeColor',[1 1 1])
and to output .eps file :
print -depsc Figure.eps
Any idea?

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It seems that it is only happening when the edgecolor values are [1 1 1].If i input for red [1 0 0] in the eps file the box color is red.So its only for white... :/

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1 Answer

Answer by the cyclist
on 7 Nov 2014

A different approach is to simply turn the legend box off:
hL = legend('test')


Thanks for the answer.But this also delete the white background of the text which i dont want to be deleted.I want olny the border color of the box to be white.The strange is that the code that i provided works for the others colors exeppt white.SO the closest solution that i found is that:
set(h_legend,'EdgeColor',[0.99 0.99 0.99])
A more elegance solution sould exist.
I was able to replicate this. Definitely seems like a bug to me. You might want to submit a bug report.

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