How to store all the A matrix that I have got from every iteration

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for a = linspace(15,75,5)
theta0 = a
y = ((tan(theta0)*x)) - (g*((x.^2))./(2*((v0*cos(theta0)).^2))) + y0
A = [theta0 y]

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Dec 2021
a_vals = linspace(15,75,5)
num_a = length(a_vals);
A = zeros(num_a, 2);
for a_idx = 1 : num_a
a = a_vals(a_idx);
theta0 = a;
y = ((tan(theta0)*x)) - (g*((x.^2))./(2*((v0*cos(theta0)).^2))) + y0
A(a_idx, :) = [theta0 y];

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Jonas on 31 Dec 2021
is y a single value? then A would be a row vector. you can initialize your A before the loop as A=nan(numel(linspace(15,75,5)),2) and change the A line to A(a/15,:)= [theta0 y]

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