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How to measure the time for a protein to reach 70% of its maximum concentration?

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I am using simbiology app. I would like to measure the time taken in the simulation for a protein to reach 70% of its maximum value. I thought of creating an observable to store that value, but I am not sure how to do it. Any tips?
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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe el 1 de En. de 2022
What's the rough shape of the protein's concentration profile? Does the concentration monotonically decrease over time? Is the maximum concentration the concentration at time = 0? I'm trying to figure out whether the suggestion of using an event is feasible for your model.
Torsten el 1 de En. de 2022
After thinking about the question more carefully, I think an event is not the best way to cope with this question.
Events happen during runtime while this question seems to be related to postprocessing. Most probably, creating an observable as Rebeca Hannah suggested is the better way. I knew how to solve the question after a usual call to an ODE-integrator (namely using interp1), but I have no experience with the simbiology package.

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