Autoregressive model for EEG feature extaction

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Anyone know where to get the code or function for Autoregressive from matlab or EEGlab?
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 3 Jan 2022
Edited: Adam Danz on 3 Jan 2022
I've never used EEGlab. Perhaps their website offers a tutorial or documentation.
A nice tutorial to get stared with Matlab is the on-ramp.

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Answers (1)

Dave B
Dave B on 3 Jan 2022
Edited: Dave B on 3 Jan 2022
ARfit is a collection of tools for AR models:
SIFT is a set of EEGLab plugins and includes ARfit: (this is probably what you want)
You might also check out which uses ARfit for cleaning noise using AR.
Dave B
Dave B on 5 Jan 2022
I don't know ARfitStudio very well (or EEGlab for that matter), but I think the key line in your stack of errors is the one about:
set(hObject, 'String', unique({EEG.event.type}));
ARfitStudio is looking for a string in EEG.event.type, but it's not finding one. Could it be that there's somewhere that you've left an event type undefined? Failing that you might reach out to one of the contributors to ARfitStudio...

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