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Aggregate Equivalent Length of Local Resistances (AELoLR) Simscape hyd. Pipes

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Hi there,
I am struggeling a bit with the concept of AELoLR in the Simscape Hyd. Domain.
Since L_eq = K (D/f) where K is the minor loss coeff. and D is the diameter of the pipe (both given) how to get f ((Moody) Friction Factor) for a specific Regime (lam., trans. or turb)?
I unterstood the link: f = e/D, with e = rougthness for complete turbulence, but what if this is going to change to laminar?
thankful for all help and information!

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Yifeng Tang
Yifeng Tang el 20 de Jul. de 2022
Hi Michael,
This parameter is there to add some length to the pipe only in the equations that calculate the friction loss, see documentation here. It uses the same friction factor computed from the Haaland approximation or the specified value for laminar regime or a blend of these two values. This "length" doesn't add any volume to the pipe. It's designed to model minor additional losses like some bend in the pipe, connection losses, etc., without using an extra block. It's best tuned if you have pressure loss and flow data over the pipe.


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