How to decrease margins around uibutton in uigridlayout?

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Dear colleagues
How can I shrink the margins around buttons created by uibutton() in the grid layout manager? I would prefer them packed next to each other.
Thank you for any suggestions
Jan Kudlacek
f = uifigure('Position', [200 200 280 60]);
g = uigridlayout(f);
g.RowHeight = {'1x'};
g.ColumnWidth = repelem({'1x'}, 9);
for kb = 1 : 9
uibutton(g, 'push', 'Text', ['B', num2str(kb)])

Accepted Answer

Turlough Hughes
Turlough Hughes on 4 Jan 2022
Use the ColumnSpacing property:
g.ColumnSpacing = 1;

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