Split table entry into separate columns

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Syed Tariq
Syed Tariq on 6 Jan 2022
Answered: Simon Chan on 6 Jan 2022
I have a table the first column has a string of the format 'ABBV 09/17/2021 120.00 C'. I want to expand the table to 4 additional columns 'ABBV','09/17/2021','120.00','C'

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Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 6 Jan 2022
How about the following:
Name = "ABBV 09/17/2021 120.00 C";
Data = "Dummy";
A = table(Name,Data);
A.Name = strsplit(A.Name,' ');
T2 = splitvars(A,'Name','NewVariableNames',{'newName1','newName2','newName3','newName4'})





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