Vector loop angle and direction

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Izan Segarra
Izan Segarra on 6 Jan 2022
Edited: Izan Segarra on 11 Jan 2022
I am working with a 2D array that forms an XY loop and I am trying to get the dominant angle and direction of the loop. I have used principal component analysis (PCA) and obtained the maximum norm of each pair of points but it is not a robust method.... It works correctly for a loop as seen in the first image (fig1.png), however, the second image (fig2.png) should give a similar result and it is detected backwards. Is there any methodology or algorithm that provides a good result?
Izan Segarra
Izan Segarra on 11 Jan 2022
Edited: Izan Segarra on 11 Jan 2022
Sometimes, the direction is marked by abrupt data... ( As you can see in the image below) I think that it's necesary to combine different methods to detect the direction correctly.

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