Help me about creating table in matlab ?

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Nguyen Trong Nhan
Nguyen Trong Nhan on 14 Nov 2014
Answered: Guillaume on 14 Nov 2014
I have 3 vector. x = [1;2;3;4;5]; z = [1.2;2.4;3.4;5.0;4.1], y = [12;11;24;18;20]. And I want to create a table from that vectors like the picture. How do I do it? thanks very much

Answers (2)

MA on 14 Nov 2014
format short g
x = [1;2;3;4;5];
y = [12;11;24;18;20];
z = [1.2;2.4;3.4;5.0;4.1];
A=[x y z];
disp(' order code score')

Guillaume on 14 Nov 2014
t = table(x, y, z, 'VariableNames', {'Order', 'Code', 'Score'})


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