changing dicom-dict.txt has no effect

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I have MR images with a large amount of dicom private tags. I have copied and edited the dicom-dict.txt file to include as the final line
(2005,10A9) UT DistortionCorrection 1
and saved this as dicom-dict-copy.txt, which I had to manually import into the toolbox folder given the permissions on my pc.
I set dicom-dict-copy.txt as the new dictionary using dicomdict('set',filepath)
this is confirmed with dicomdict('get') = 'C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2021b\toolbox\images\iptformats\dicom-dict-copy.txt'
However, the tag I have set is not recognised when i call inf.DistortionCorrection (inf = dicominfo(image)). Does anyone know why this does not work?

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Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 11 Jan 2022
You may refer to the following and try to create a new DICOM tag and write it to a new DICOM image.
After that, the DICOM header in the new image should contains your required information.
filename = 'Original.dcm';
I = dicomread(filename);
header = dicominfo(filename);
header.(dicomlookup('2005', '10A9'))='1';
newname = 'New.dcm';
new_header = dicominfo(newname);
Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 11 Jan 2022
Great! Please accept the answer if you feel it useful.

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