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Co-simulation Simulink and Gazebo problem, Gazebo Custom Support block (without contact) makes it very slow

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Hi, all.
I have an issue related to the too slow simulation speed due to the Gazebo Custom Support block in Simulink for Co-simulation Simuink and Gazebo. (I used MATLAB and Gazebo on the same mashine, Ubuntu)
I imagined that the contact message has too many fields, so it makes the speed slow.
But, even I selected /gazebo/default/joint in the Gazebo Custom Support block, it makes the speed very slow.
Once I remove the block, the speed is recovered.
Is this a known issue?
If it is, please let me know when it would be solved. This is very critical issue for my project, since I am using reinforcement learning. For instance, a policy is trained with a normal simulation speed. And if i try to train it further only adding the Gazebo Custom Support block to the Simulink model, the performance is changed greatly due to the slow speed. it may be not related to this issue, but it is still critical.

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Gaurav Bhosale
Gaurav Bhosale el 1 de Feb. de 2022
Hi Yunsik,
Which details of joint you want to use?
You can use Gazebo Read Block with gazebo_msgs/JointState message instead of custom message.

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