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Check for dependencies and download required toolbox

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Hi all. I'm working on a script that uses a function packaged with the Computer Vision toolbox. However, some team members have experienced errors with my script because they didn't have the Computer Vision toolbox installed.
Is there a way I can...
  1. check if the person running the script has this toolbox installed
  2. If it's not installed, install it via the command window
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst el 17 de En. de 2022
Call this function in your startup code, before anything else runs:
% List required files and toolboxes. Displays them in the command window or console window (if deployed).
% Sample call
% fullFileName = [mfilename('fullpath'), '.m'];
% DisplayRequiredFunctions(fullFileName)
% It takes a long time to run so that's why I only do it in the development environment.
function DisplayRequiredFunctions(fullFileName)
if ~isdeployed
[~, baseFileNameNoExt, ext] = fileparts(fullFileName);
baseFileName = [baseFileNameNoExt, '.m'];
[requiredFileList, toolboxList] = matlab.codetools.requiredFilesAndProducts(fullFileName);
fprintf('Required m-files for %s:\n', baseFileName);
for k = 1 : length(requiredFileList)
fprintf(' %s\n', requiredFileList{k});
fprintf('Required MATLAB Toolboxes for %s:\n', baseFileName);
for k = 1 : length(toolboxList)
fprintf(' %s\n', toolboxList(k).Name);
catch ME
Also, you can put this code there:
% Check that user has the specified Toolbox installed and licensed.
%hasLicenseForToolbox = license('test', 'image_toolbox'); % Check for Image Processing Toolbox.
% hasLicenseForToolbox = license('test', 'Image_Acquisition_Toolbox'); % Check for Image Acquisition Toolbox.
% hasLicenseForToolbox = license('test', 'Statistics_Toolbox'); % Check for Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox.
% hasLicenseForToolbox = license('test', 'Signal_Toolbox'); % Check for Signal Processing Toolbox.
hasLicenseForToolbox = license('test', 'Video_and_Image_Blockset'); % Check for Computer Vision System Toolbox.
% hasLicenseForToolbox = license('test', 'Neural_Network_Toolbox'); % Check for Deep Learning Toolbox.
if ~hasLicenseForToolbox
% User does not have the toolbox installed, or if it is, there is no available license for it.
% For example, there is a pool of 10 licenses and all 10 have been checked out by other people already.
ver % List what toolboxes the user has licenses available for.
message = sprintf('Sorry, but you do not seem to have the Computer Vision Toolbox.\nDo you want to try to continue anyway?');
reply = questdlg(message, 'Toolbox missing', 'Yes', 'No', 'Yes');
if strcmpi(reply, 'No')
% User said No, so exit.

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Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy el 17 de En. de 2022
Hi Daniel,
  1. To check whether the person has the toolbox installed, the ver command can be used which shows the list of installed toolboxes in the current MATLAB installation.
  2. For installing additional toolboxes to the existing installation, please refer to the steps mentioned in this link
Hope this helps!


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