Determine frequency of signals

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Muhammad Mirza Murad
Muhammad Mirza Murad on 14 Jan 2022
Answered: Chunru on 14 Jan 2022
Hi, how do I determine the frequency of this signal?
I got this from a .mat file
x = load('signal1.mat');

Answers (1)

Chunru on 14 Jan 2022
load signal1
fs = 1; % normalized freq
y = abs(fft(x));
L = length(y);
f = (0:round(L/2)-1)/L*fs;
p = y(1:round(L/2));
[pmax, imax] = max(p);
plot(f, p, 'b-', f(imax), pmax, 'r*')
fprintf('The freq: %f\n', f(imax))
The freq: 0.012195

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