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Can you let me know how to solve my errors? there are 4 errors in my simulink.

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Hello all,
I am making PMSM modeling with simulink.
I faced in some error with this picture.
I attached my simulink data and error message.
I would appreciate if you could suggest solution for my issue.
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승필 박
승필 박 el 21 de En. de 2022
Hello Ankit,
I tranformed my simulink data into 2018b version.
Please check and review it.
I would appreciate if you could give me solution.

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Pat Gipper
Pat Gipper el 22 de En. de 2022
You had two issues. One was the integrators in Current_Controller were implimented using the Memory in the feedback path causing an algebraic loop. I simply moved the Memory into the forward path to remove this error message.
The second problem was an error message from the compiler about DQ_ABC/Matlab Function1. I had to correct this by specifically defining the size of the input "u" using the Ports and Data Manager. It was strange that the compiler only complained about this specific function.
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승필 박
승필 박 el 23 de En. de 2022
Hello Pat Gipper,
Thank you for giving me your solution. I resolved my issue based on your idea.
I really appreciated of your great support.

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