How do I change the text output in Live Scripts?

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Rodney Smith
Rodney Smith on 24 Jan 2022
Commented: Rodney Smith alrededor de 19 horas ago
In a Live Script, I make some calculations and want to print out the result. I am using fprintf to do this. For example:
s='text output';
fprintf('Text value is %s',s);
The live script then prints out:
Text value is text output
How do I change the font, the font size, or the font style of the output?
I have tried to change font size in preferences, but none of the options change the font size of the live script output. If I zoom, it zooms everything (live script text as well as the output).
Thanks for any help you can offer

Answers (1)

Ankit on 24 Jan 2022
@Rodney Smith Please try following links to change the font, font size and font style.
for bold:
fprintf('Hello <strong> bold </strong> world.\n')
I use cprintf - display formatted colored text in Command Window - File Exchange - MATLAB Central ( for changing the font, style etc in MATLAB window. But I didn't tested this on Live Script.
Rodney Smith
Rodney Smith alrededor de 19 horas ago
I was premature when I said it works in Live Scripts.
The only thing that seems to work in Live Scripts is the style 'Hyper' , which prints out in blue.
'*Hyper' and '*Text' both print bold.

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