App Designer App does not work on an other PC.

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Kaan Inal
Kaan Inal el 6 de Feb. de 2022
Respondida: Nivedita el 15 de Sept. de 2023
i made an App with the App Designer. Out of that i used the Matlab Compiler to make a standalone executable.
On my PC the program is running fine and without issues, but i tried to run it on a different PC and the programm has issues.
Issues are:
  • slow
  • freezes
  • hangs
  • if i start a mesaurement with given time, it does not display the values in real time like on my PC. It seems the UI does not get refreshed while the measurement ist running. After the time is over the UI gets refreshed.
The PC with the problems has more RAM and disk storage than mine.
Does anybody had the same experience and knows how to handle this problem ?
Are there any restrictions ?

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Nivedita el 15 de Sept. de 2023
Hello Kaan,
It seems that you are encountering difficulties when running your standalone application developed with MATLAB App Designer on a different PC. There can be various factors contributing to the issues you are experiencing.
Here are a few possibilities you can consider to resolve the issues faced:
  1. Check compatibility: Ensure the target PC meets the system requirements and has the correct version of MATLAB Runtime installed.
  2. Verify dependencies: Make sure all necessary dependencies, including MATLAB Runtime and required toolboxes, are installed on the target PC.
  3. Consider hardware differences: Despite having more RAM and disk storage, other hardware components may impact performance. Ensure the CPU, graphics card, and other hardware meet the requirements.
  4. Update UI in real-time: If real-time UI updates are not occurring during the measurement, it may be due to event handling or threading in your code. Use appropriate techniques like asynchronous programming or separate threads to handle concurrent measurement and UI updates.
  5. Enable debugging: Include debugging and error logging capabilities in your application to diagnose specific issues on the target PC.
  6. Check for restrictions: Refer to MATLAB Compiler and MATLAB Runtime documentation to identify any limitations or restrictions that might affect your application's performance.
I hope this helps!


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