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I really can't understand why I can't get this question right. The same question was closed without a proper answer:
The first option occupies 8e9 < 1.015e10 bytes
The second 8e4 < 1.015e10 bytes
The third 8e5 < 1.015e10 bytes
The fourth 8e9 < 1.015e10 bytes
The fifth should be 1.6e10 > 1.015e10 bytes, so it should be the only right answer
Still, it's listed as wrong and I can't wrap my head around this. It's the only thing in the whole course I can't do and I really need the certification ASAP

Accepted Answer

Dave B
Dave B on 7 Feb 2022
Edited: Dave B on 7 Feb 2022
You've marked the second and third lines as being 8e4 and 8e5 bytes, but this is incorrect.
Hint: how many elements are in a martix creted by ones/zeros with one argument?
ans = 1×2
7 7
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Luca Scagnellato
Luca Scagnellato on 7 Feb 2022
Thanks Dave for the quick reply. I feel so dumb right now :)
After all these years using MATLAB I still forget these details, hopefully after this I won't anymore

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