How to plot magnitude and phase of a Fourier Transform

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Hello, I am currently trying to plot the magnitude and phase of a Fourier transform of 1/(0.6+iw) where i is the imaginary number and w is a phase ranging from -4 to 4. My code is currently
w = [-4:0.1:4]
figure, plot(w, abs(X)), title('Amplitude plot')
figure, plot(w, angle(X)), title('Phase plot')
plot X(w)
but I keep getting an error message of "Array indices must be positive integers or logical values.". Could someone explain this error to me, and if this is the correct code to use for this type of problem? Thanks.

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Convert ‘X’ into an anonymous function, the evaluate it in the plot calls —
w = [-4:0.1:4];
X = @(w) 1./(0.6+(1i.*w));
figure, plot(w, abs(X(w))), title('Amplitude plot')
figure, plot(w, angle(X(w))), title('Phase plot')
See the documentation on Anonymous Functions for details.

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