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I am getting error in "Denoise Speech Using Deep Learning Network" example?

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I am getting the first error here. I am making this example using TIMIT data. The sounds in TIMIT are 16kHz and I want it to stay that way. But here it says it needs to be converted from 48kHz to 8kHz. How can I customize this? I'm putting the error below.
src = dsp.SampleRateConverter("InputSampleRate",inputFs, ...
"OutputSampleRate",fs, ...
audio = read(adsTrain);
decimationFactor = inputFs/fs;
L = floor(numel(audio)/decimationFactor);
audio = audio(1:decimationFactor*L);
audio = src(audio);
Unable to load bundle binary
D:\bin\win64\builtins\shared_system_coreblocks\mwsystemobject_coreblocksmcos_builtinimpl.dll. Error: 126: not
This is the second error I got. I have no idea why it happens how can I fix this error?
T = tall(adsTrain)
[targets,predictors] = cellfun(@(x)HelperGenerateSpeechDenoisingFeatures(x,noise,src),T,"UniformOutput",false);
[targets,predictors] = gather(targets,predictors);
predictors = cat(3,predictors{:});
noisyMean = mean(predictors(:));
noisyStd = std(predictors(:));
predictors(:) = (predictors(:) - noisyMean)/noisyStd;
targets = cat(2,targets{:});
cleanMean = mean(targets(:));
cleanStd = std(targets(:));
targets(:) = (targets(:) - cleanMean)/cleanStd;
predictors = reshape(predictors,size(predictors,1),size(predictors,2),1,size(predictors,3));
targets = reshape(targets,1,1,size(targets,1),size(targets,2));
inds = randperm(size(predictors,4));
L = round(0.99 * size(predictors,4));
trainPredictors = predictors(:,:,:,inds(1:L));
trainTargets = targets(:,:,:,inds(1:L));
validatePredictors = predictors(:,:,:,inds(L+1:end));
validateTargets = targets(:,:,:,inds(L+1:end));
Evaluating tall expression using the Local MATLAB Session:
- Pass 1 of 1: 0% complete
Evaluation 0% complete
Error using tall/cellfun (line 19)
Unrecognized function or variable 'noise'.
Learn more about errors encountered during GATHER.
Error in tall/gather (line 50)
[varargout{:}, readFailureSummary] = iGather(varargin{:});

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Richard el 15 de Feb. de 2022
The second error is being described by these lines in the output:
Error using tall/cellfun (line 19)
Unrecognized function or variable 'noise'.
This line of your code:
[targets,predictors] = cellfun(@(x)HelperGenerateSpeechDenoisingFeatures(x,noise,src),T,"UniformOutput",false);
is calling cellfun and giving it an anonymous function that refers to the variable noise. However you have not defined the noise variable and hence the error. You need to create a noise input, e.g. by loading an mp3 lof noise like the example does.
The first error you see is more unusual. I think that "Error: 126: not connected" is a Windows error message that means the Matlab library file that it refers to cannot be loaded. Does that dll file exist on your hard drive? It is also possible that the file has been corrupted, or maybe that antivirus is preventing access to it. If it is corrupted then you will probably need to try reinstalling Matlab to fix it.
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studentmatlaber el 30 de Mayo de 2022
Can I do this example with RNN as well? What do I need to add or change other than the lstm Layer?

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